Tips on How to Survive the Christmas Parties

If you stick to eating healthily (Combined Fitness style) 80% of the time and  keep up with your daily workouts, you will  be able to enjoy Christmas  without the fear of putting weight back on and without too much of the uncomfortable bloating. Here are some top tip to help survive the Christmas parties


1.      Cut back on starchy carbs – Cut out cereals and bread.  Focus on lean proteins and fibrous vegetables.  Drink plenty of water to keep you fuller and save your calories for those after work drinks and dinners!
2.     When dining  Opt for salads or soups for starters, ask for extra vegetables in place of starchy carbs and sauces to be put on the side.
3.      Never arrive at a party hungry!  Eat a protein rich snack before you go out (e.g. fruit with nuts or yoghurt) means your blood sugar levels are balanced and you will be less likely to pick at buffet food. If possible choose cold meats, egg, fish, salad, humus, nuts & ignore the bread, crisps & savoury nibbles.


4.    Step away from the buffet table to avoid the semi conscious munching  while chatting with friends and relatives. If you move your conversation across the room, or into another room, you’ll eat less.
5.     Always keep a drink in your hand at parties  – its a great way to keep friends and family from getting you another one. Also have a glass of water between drinks. Avoid beers & cider & stick to wine or gin / vodka. (Have a protein rich breakfast the morning after a boozy night, plenty of water & Lean Greens if you have some).



Let me know how you get on.