Late night eating causing a problem

Late night eating causing a problem.


late night snacking
I had a client say to me the other day that they do really well with their nutrition during  the day. They make good choices and plan their meals and stick to clean eating but when the evening comes  they get hungry and go and grab unhealthy quick snacks like crisps, cheese, chocolate, biscuits etc.

This is a problem for a lot if us.

It’s down to a few reasons

1. You are not eating enough in the day and are actually hungry.

2. Boredom or stress, if you are getting the munchies sitting watching the tv then it could be one of these that is causing you to head for the food cupboard.

3. Dieting or being restrictive during  the  day. This means that we are using will power ‘we are telling ourselves that we cant have something which makes us want it more’. Willpower is exhaustive so by the time the evening comes it is weakening if you have been “good” all day.
How to combat those cravings and control your late night snacking.

1. Make sure that you are eating 3 meals during the day, with high quality lean protein, healthy fats, lots of fibrous vegetables and some starchy carbohydrates.

2. When you feel like eating in the evening, try other things that you consider relaxing and comforting, like reading, writing, doing your nails (keeps the hands busy) or even going to bed early.

3. If you know that you will feel hungry late at night then
make sure that you have healthy snacks prepared and available. These need to include fats and protein and not just carbohydrates. e.g raw vegetables with hummous, plain greek yoghurt with berries and almonds, sliced banana and a nut butter.

4. Prepare yourself a low calorie drink, such as water, fruit or herbal teas or even a protein shake. Slowly sip on these.

5. Another little strategy is to close the kitchen door and don’t go back in or go and brush your teeth.

Give these a try and let me know how you get on.