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Why I am running the Marathon & why I am running for Building Circles.

I hung up my athletics spikes and finished my career as an International Heptathlete almost 12 years ago & had promised my Dad that I would one day run the London Marathon. However, as I have never enjoyed distance running I kept putting it off as the thought of the training was just too much.
Two years ago along with a few of my hard core bootcamp members I  put my running shoes back on and did a series of 3 challenging Mud Runner events, the last of which was so gruelling and took 4 hours to complete that I thought if I can do that without any specific endurance training then if I did train I could attempt the Marathon.
In September another fitness client of mine who worked for a small local Charity  “Building Circles” asked me if  I knew anyone who wanted to raise money for them by running the London Marathon.
I said that I would consider doing it and I went along to a meeting with everyone from the Charity. They were so excited that they had someone to run for them, but I still had the fear factor so did not complete the official entry form. They invited me  along to the Building Circles Christmas party which is their most popular social event and the one they want to ensure goes ahead in  2015.
Wow what an amazing experience.
To see how much fun everyone was having and to see adults with a whole host of physical and mental difficulties having such a great time convinced me that I had to go ahead and do this Marathon.
I could see who I would be running for and how important these social events are to these vulnerable and lonely adults. I couldn’t let them down, so I filled in the entry form and sorted myself out with a marathon coach and stated serious training.

More About the Charity ‘Building Circles in Gloucestershire”

Building Circles works to transform lives of people with learning disabilities, encouraging friendships and providing a social platform so that those who are isolated or lonely benefit as much as everyone else from having friends.
Everybody deserves the opportunity to have and make friends. Can you imagine how your life would be without your friends in it?


Building Circles Gloucestershire logo

My target is to raise £800 for the Charity.
If you would like to sponsor me please click the image below.
Just spare a thought the next time you go for a drink or a coffee with a friend what it would be like to have no friends.  If you could donate the cost of a drink or even a night out to help those with no friends enjoy a social event then it would be much appreciated and it will help me reach my target. The Charity are counting on me.

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 Video Diary


 Marathon Training Week 1


Marathon training 9th Jan 2015

Marathon Training 11th Jan 2015

Marathon Training Week 2

Marathon Training 18th Jan 2015

Marathon Training Week 3

Marathon Training 22 Jan 2015

Marathon Training 25th Jan 2015

Marathon Training Week 4

Marathon Training 1st Feb 2015

Marathon Training Week 5


Mud Run – Icebreaker 2015 – Eastnor Castle

Severe Winter Duathlon – 10km Mud runner cross country course followed by a tough 20km off road mountain bike course and then a cheeky 3km run to finish!

Finish Time  3:50.03.

Felt so much fitter than last year.

Icebreaker 2015


One week Later – Devil Mud Run – Cheltenham


I was the 2nd Women home although it was a fun event not a timed race. Almost froze to death. Never been so cold in all my life. Wet, icy winds & no foil blankets at the end! Big mistake by organisers.

A kind man bought me a coffee & the First Aiders helped me get my spare clothes. I shivered for hours. No more mud running for a while.

I knew there was a reason for me picking a Summer sport to specialise in when I was younger.
Marathon Training Week 6

Marathon Training Week 8

Marathon Training 26th Feb 2015

Marathon Training Week 9

Marathon Training 5th March 2015

Longleat Half Marathon- Very tough half marathon around the Safari Park Grounds.

There was a reason that this was the only half marathon that we could get into. The HILLS were brutal.

It was my first ever road race. It was freezing cold and like mud runner but without the mud. Hills, hills and more hills.  Ran 2:03.31 and was cruising. Really pleased with that. Had no clue of where I was time wise other than I was running an average pace of 9:30 per mile but my brain couldn’t tell me what time that would give me. Dan’s GPS watch was rubbish during the race but gave me some good post race stats once I uploaded the file to Strava.

Had a bad case of runners trots at the end. Not sure what is not quite agreeing with me. Investigation time.


longleat half



Marathon Training Week 10 & 11