Is Time the Enemy?

One of the biggest reasons that people have for not exercising is a

lack of time.


A client said last week that they are out of the house by 7.30 am

back at 6pm and work all evening planning for the next day.


Not enough time for sleep let alone exercise.


This is very typical fro a lot of people.

I know exactly what people mean.


I try to cram far too much into a day.


We cant put more hours in the day for you so it is about time

management & priorities.



If it is important enough to you you you will find a way…


If it isn’t you will find an excuse.


Excuses Quote


There needs to be a “Change of mindset”


If you know that exercise WILL:

–  improve the quality of your sleep,

–  give you more energy,

–  reduce stress

– make you fitter and able to cope with long hard days.

– improve how you feel about yourself and your confidence.


surely it is going to make those long hard days easier.

See exercise as an investment of time.


If you invest a small amount of time in it each day  it will pay

you back by making you more efficient and productive with your work

& day to day tasks.

When reading about the habits of successful people, they all see

exercise as vital & will ensure that it is scheduled into their day.


20 mins to do a warm up , 10 min workout & a shower is all you

need to make a massive difference to your health & fitness.


Look at areas where you can get some more help either to make you

more productive with  your time or to take away some of the tasks

that can be done by others.


I.e online shopping, ironing, cleaning.


Source some more help & get some better systems in place to cut

down the time spent planning and preparing  by half an hour.


If you give yourself till midnight to do a planning & writing task

it will take till midnight.


Time is valuable & you can not get more of it so do not waste it.


If you need help getting into a routine of 10 minute daily workouts

then our online programmes are just the thing.


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miss out.

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Kerry ‘no more time wasting’ Eddie