Are you falling for these 3 mistakes

Here are 3 things that you are  possibly doing right now that is halting your progress.  I’ve spoke to many  prospective clients over the last few weeks who have applied to take part in our  free trial weeks.

I’ve learned a lot about the ‘common mistakes’ that people who know that they need to get fit & healthy are making.

I also see patterns of limited beliefs.

The other day  one of my Fitcamp & Busy Mum 2 Fit Mum success stories  told me that she has been getting so many compliments from the Mum’s at school  about how good she looks &  people want to know what she has done. So she  explains to them  and she tells them  that they can achieve the same results as she is no different to them. She has been inviting them to come along to  the free trial week.  And  their response?

“Oh I wouldn’t be able to do that”, “you know what I am like I won’t stick to it”, “I couldn’t do that”

Now if we all held these negative beliefs  we would all be doomed to failure and misery. They have not given it a chance.

If  you are one of these people  and you are not where you want to be with your health, fitness and body shape then it is probably due to one or all of these reasons

1 – You are not getting and following the advice of an expert  in exercise & nutrition.

2 – You WANT to drop a jean size or 2 and improve your health for the sake of the ones you love but deep in your heart you believe it’s not possible.

3 – You do not put yourself first and truly value yourself.

Do any of these 3 things  and you will struggle to get results.

99% of people have NO idea how to make change. They are waiting for a magic pill, a wonder diet or training method that is going to  get them amazing results in a few weeks without having to make any real changes to their  lifestyle and habits.

Most people start with  completely the wrong mindset and end up failing. They have limiting beliefs about what they are capable of so end up not even trying or giving up when the going gets tough.

The majority of working adults put their family and work before themselves. They fail to prioritise their  time and do not spend it well. They fail to look after themselves correctly as they think that they are too busy. Often those that are so busy are the ones that spend too much time  sweating the small stuff that has no impact, then stressing & procrastinating over the important stuff that will take them forward.

I have helped the Busy Mum mentioned above to balance her hormones, increase her energy, reduce her cravings, improve her strength and endurance, improve the quality of her sleep, reduce her stress levels and drop 2 jean sizes. As the Mum’s at school have noticed she is now full of life, energy and confidence. She has been working with me for just over  a year and as a  result of the transformation she now handles the stressful periods in her own business without hitting the chocolate & alcohol, she is more productive in her work and spends far more quality time with her children. Win win win. A simple switch in mindset, some hard work and good advice and  bang amazing things  start to happen.  If you want to  do the same then be an action taker and  get you name on the next free trial week or apply to be on one of  our next online programmes & give it a chance

Alternatively you can  continue to make excuses…  Your choice.



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