24 Things you may not know about me – Kerry Eddie – Personal Trainer Cheltenham

1. I am a mother of 2 wonderful girls who are both at primary School.   2. I am married to an England Legends rugby player who is also director of rugby at our local rugby club.   3. I have helped transform my husband from fat dad to fit dad. He has lost almost 5 stone in weight & is the lightest he has been for more than 20 years. (Most of his rugby career)


fat dad 2 fit dad 4. I was an International Heptathlete & competed at 2 Commonwealth Games. (Ranked UK No2 behind Denise Lewis for several years).   5. I do anything to avoid going for a run (I don’t like running further than 200m. I used to be physically sick before I ran the 800m in the heptathlon).   6. I am the England Athletics National Coach Mentor for Combined Events & I am a GB Team coach for Heptathlon.   7.  I love chocolate, red wine & good quality coffee. Tee-Frühstück 8. I love a DIY challenge & do most of the plumbing & electrics, I build furniture, repair washing machines, vacuums, electronic gadgets, bikes, lawnmowers whatever needs fixing I will check it out on You tube & give it a go.   9. I am tone deaf & have the world’s worst singing voice.   10. I am a bit of a techno geek & gadget queen.   11. I am 44 years old   12. I was a P.E teacher for 12 years & also a School sport Co-ordinator.   13. I love to go skiing, & play golf.   14. I was a Goth in the 80’s & also a huge Boy George fan!!   14. I fell flat on my face in my first ever running race but didn’t give up & I  went on to win the first track race of the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester.


16. My brother is the Vice President of marketing for Walt Disney films – so we have experienced a few red carpet film premiers.

17.  I competed for Worcester, Wigan & Wakefield Athletics Clubs. I didn’t fancy a move to Watford so retired from athletics  & moved to Cheltenham.   18.  I spent 7 nights sleeping in LA airport when I was a poor student & visited Disneyland on my own.   19. I am a sun worshipper & love to travel. sunbathing 20. I love Italy, particularly Florence & Italian food.   You can’t beat their ice-cream.   21.  I used to suffer from exercise induced Asthma – not much fun when you are an athlete.   22.  Honesty  & personal commitment are the values that are important to me & that I try to develop in others.   23. I love to learn & every day spend time reading about, coaching, training, fitness, nutrition, psychology, & more recently business & marketing.     24. I am the owner of Combined Fitness, a mobile personal training business operating in Cheltenham