10 tips to motivate yourself to exercise when you really don’t want to 

Do you have days when you know you should workout but you just don’t want to do it?

Here are 10 tips to motivate yourself to exercise when you really don’t want to.

1. Get a friend to join you – gives you both some accountability
2. Listen to some energising music – it may boost your mood & inspire you to go do it.
3. Watch  videos of people working out on you tube – lots of inspiring cross fit videos
4. Find something new to do – you may be getting bored with the same type of exercise or routine.
5. Put your workout kit on & go for a walk – once you are out in the fresh air you may get a mood boost & find that motivation.
6. Remember how easy it is to lose fitness and how painful it can be to regain it.
7. Remind yourself why you started working out and how much better you feel  when you have  done a workout!
8. Think how you felt when you were heavier or unhealthier
9. Think of the things that you couldn’t enjoy if you were in poor health
10. Make working out a habit, part of your routine by doing it consistently at the same times each day / week.

A few quotes to help you along:

“stop searching for strength & will power, start creating it” & remember “EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted is just outside of your comfort zone”

If you are looking for some accountability and consistency then get your self signed up to a results driven programme that requires commitment. Have a coach to be accountable to. It makes it much easier to stick to and you will get better results.