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Kerry Eddie

Specialist in helping frustrated mums regain their health, transform their bodies and make lasting changes to their lives

Busy Mum 2 Fit Mum

Busy Mums are you struggling with your weight, energy levels and how you look in the mirror?

Does this sound like YOU?

  • Your energy levels are low, you feel tired, irritable and crave sugary food.
  • You are finding it harder and harder to drop the fat around your middle.
  • You are fed up with how your clothes fit & you can not find anything nice to wear.
  • You are tired but can’t sleep at night.
  • You feel like you have tried every fitness and weight loss programme from slimming clubs, the gym, Zumba but you are not getting any real results or you are back to where you started.

I have been there

As a mum myself, believe me I know how tough it can be to  fit in exercise, good nutrition, the kids, work, the other half and everything else. So I have used my 26 years of experience in performance sport, fitness and education to create a transformation programme for busy mums who are short on time. My guaranteed results programmes are helping busy mums to get in great shape, and be physically stronger, more confident, energised, less stressed and happier.

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I can't believe the results in so little time, I feel more confident and enjoy putting clothes on rather than just trying to cover up as I used to.

Amy Parry - Mother of 2

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